Are you being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency?

Tax is complicated but not to TaxSol, Talk to us and get an immediate relief.

We provide income tax audit defence and tax owing negotiation to the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf.

Once we are engaged, we immediately represent your interests and you do not have to worry about dealing with Canada Revenue Agency auditors.

Handling disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency requires expertise with the Income Tax Act and experiences with CRA auditors

Here’s what we can help you with

Tax Assessment

Filing objections and appeals in tax assessment.


GST/HST Excise tax act


Payroll related appeals and disputes


Corporate restructuring for succession, asset protection and qualification under small business deduction.


Negotiating balances and payment schedules with CRA.


Preparing a voluntary disclosure to reduce or eliminate tax owing, penalties and interest.

Are You a Business Owner with a CRA Tax Concern?

Of the many decisions that involve running a business, having a solid tax strategy is the one that will steer you from costly repercussions and keep you up-to-date on rules and regulations affecting small businesses and corporations.

Your small business or corporation can benefit from several advantages easily accessible through effective corporate tax planning. From complex tax, accounting, legal and regulatory issues, choosing the best possible corporate tax strategy will contribute to improving the state of your business by reducing your overall tax obligations.


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